Moving day.

Unfortunately I couldn’t rent my first apartment for the whole month and a bit, so last night after work I had to move. Luckily my new place was only 10 minutes away on the underground and I won’t have to change my route to or from work, just stay on the train a little longer. My new place is super nice, however is on the 5th floor…and there’s no lift. Therefore I got an unexpected workout trying to carry my almost 30kg bag up 5 floors. It’s fair to say it was hard work! I also have no oven, which is going to make cooking an adventure.

Work was pretty great today. I was taught how cut and edit the film footage, in which we had some fun messing around splicing short two second clips of the pope and baby flamingos into news reals (and no these weren’t the official news videos, unfortunately). My German is also getting better, I think. I am still speaking and being spoken to in English, but is probably 50/50 English and German now (whereas before it was 80/20). I was also told that if I was more confident when speaking German and spoke quicker, then I would sound like a German as my accent is good! This has made me more confident in my abilities and has actually got me speaking German more, which in turn will make my German more accurate, confident and quicker. So who knows maybe my German will be amazing by the time I go to uni!

I like to look at everything as a challenge. This has always been my mentality and it has helped me get over some pretty big hurdles, whether they were health related or not. When my lung function has been down I have always seen it as a challenge to get it back up and better than before. Or a slightly more relatable example (for all you normal lunged people) is navigating Berlin life. Despite this being one of the scariest and biggest challenges I’ve ever embarked on and my whole body just telling me to go home, I’m still here. I know I would completely regret it and kick myself if I just gave up and ran home. At the end of the day I’ll learn more and achieve more by staying out here. Plus my family coming out over the next three weeks means I can’t go home as they’ve already booked their flights!

If I can convince you of only one thing it would be that life is a challenge and in the words of Eric Matthews on Boy meets World, ‘life’s hard get a helmet’! But that doesn’t mean you should give up. If you put your mind to it, you can overcome anything. You just have to want to.