Rose Rose Rose!

This weekend was pretty great. I picked my sister, Rose, up from the airport on Saturday morning and we then managed to navigate the buses, U-Bahns and S-Bahns back into the city. We went to a café called Barcomis for breakfast, which was so good! It was slightly hidden away in a court yard and not well signed posted, you would have had to have known it was there, but well worth trying to find. I was even told by the waiter that my German was good, especially considering I’d only been living here for a few weeks! I think Rose not really being able to speak any German helped make me look good…that’s what siblings are for, right?

After breakfast we had planned to go to Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Although this may seem a bit morbid for a sisters weekend in Berlin, it was actually really interesting and gave more context to the history you learn about in school. One of the things we found the most unbelievable about the site was that it was basically in the middle of a currently occupied housing estate. Neither of us could imagine wanting to live so close to the camp given the history, especially as we were pretty sure that the houses were on top of what was previously SS living quarters. Only the prisoners section of the concentration camp has been turned into a memorial and museum, the rest was knocked down. But even just that section was a lot bigger than either of us were expecting.

We then managed to navigate the trains back to my flat, before getting changed and going to Kreuzberg for dinner. The intern at work had told me Il Casolare did the best pizza in Berlin (in her opinion) and who would we be to turn down the chance of eating the best pizza in Berlin! Turns out it’s a very popular place! We ended up sharing a 4 seat table with another couple, which was cute to be honest and if this were a rom-com I have no doubt we would have ended up becoming best friends and probably going on some crazy adventure that evening. However instead, at the end of what seemed a pretty long day, we ended up falling asleep on the sofa at my flat in front of Netflix.

On Sunday we slept in (in our terms this means we woke up at 8:30/9) and then went out for breakfast. Once again Rose seemed to make my German seem more impressive than it probably is and this time the waiter asked if I was Dutch! Apparently this was a huge compliment as the Dutch are amazing at languages, so maybe my German is better than I thought. We then started walking around Berlin in search of street art. We googled a route, which turns out was a bit outdated. It had some really cool works but also some pretty rubbish ones. Therefore not yet satisfied we had seen enough, we went to the East Side Gallery (the painted section of the Berlin wall). This definitely made up for some of the lack of art we had seen earlier in the day.

Seeing as we still had a couple of hours until dinner time, I took Rose to the mandatory tourist sites: Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie and the Holocaust memorial. Our feet were suitably sore after a whole day of walking, in which we walked over 26,000 steps each! Therefore we went home, cooked and snuggled up on the sofa with our dinner and Netflix. All in all it was a pretty fab weekend and was completely full of jokes and laughter.