Final days in Berlin.

I’ve finished work! My internship is complete! It’s been a great experience, but not without tricky moments.

My last weekend in Berlin was spent exploring the city with my oldest brother and his girlfriend, Iona. We spent half our time in museums and the other half in ice cream shops! In the Topography of Terror museum I ran into a history trip from my old school! A very strange feeling! I was stood at the top of the stairs when I saw a woman, that I felt sure I knew and recognised, walking up them leading a group of children. When she reached the top of the stairs she saw me and screamed “Poppy!”, disturbing the previously quiet museum. I was completely bewildered as the last people I’d expected to see were a couple of my old history teachers and their GCSE class in Berlin. I’m not sure who was more shocked me or them. Definitely a nice surprise though.

The ice cream in Berlin is definitely worth a try. My top tip for ice cream shops in super touristy areas, such as Checkpoint Charlie, would be to start talking in German (if you can), as when they find out you’re English but can speak German they give you free ice cream! Possibly the best discovery of my whole trip!

German markets are crazy! Iona and I visited a huge one in Mauerpark. A third of the stalls sold work by artists, jewellery makers or arts or crafts people, another third was food and drink and quite bizarrely the other third of the stalls looked as though people had emptied the contents of their home and were selling it! There were clothes, furniture and just piles and piles of stuff. One huge stall was just boxes of tens, maybe even hundreds, of glasses (spectacles not drinking glasses). There were ones with lenses, without lenses, with bright yellow frames, rhinestone frames and in almost every shape and (probably) size. People were also selling their silverware or even old camera film of random people, such as their family or friends. There were also loads of jackets: fur, leather, denim, embroidered, studded, spray painted, decorated in almost every way you could think of.

My brother left Sunday morning however his girlfriend stayed until Monday morning. Therefore on Sunday evening we were tasked with eating all my leftover food before I left for Amsterdam. Such a burden! Definitely won’t need to eat for at least a week now!

Thankfully, I sent half of my clothes and luggage back with Iona in a hold back, so I only have my 60L rucksack/duffel bag to take interrailing. Next stop…Amsterdam!