Amsterdam in a day

After a 6 and half hour train journey I arrived in Amsterdam! It looks exactly like the pictures you see on google.

When queuing to buy a tram ticket a youngish guy came up to me and said he’d bought too many tickets and he was leaving, so I should use them instead! Yes then! That’s one less expense…at least for that one day. Finding the hostel was relatively easy, although Dutch is super weird. It seems to be a combination of German, French and English.

I was only properly in Amsterdam for a day and a half. After a night of not so good sleep, due to one of the girls in my room snoring like a tank, I ventured into the city to explore. I started with breakfast at Dam square with a fabulous view of the Royal Palace. I then got lost in the ‘Nine streets’, an area full of old traditional Dutch houses, cobbled streets and canals, but (hopefully) took some pretty photos. Amsterdam probably has the most bikes I’ve ever seen. It is by far the most common transport, but chained up bikes also ‘decorate’ all the pavements and railings. The bike lanes are vast and far more dangerous to cross than the road!

 Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a ticket into the Anne Frank House. They were completely sold out for all of October and half of November, so definitely book in advance if you’re going! However I did go to the Rijksmuseum, an beautiful old museum full of old art, and then the Van Gogh museum. Even if you don’t like art I would definitely recommend walking to the Museumsplein (where the I AMsterdam sign is), as there were some amazing buskers and the area in general is very pretty. Buskers in Amsterdam have to be some of the best buskers I’ve seen. There was basically a whole Orchestra playing outside the Rijksmuseum.

In the evening I braved walking through the Red Light District on my own, because after all I was in Amsterdam. It is probably one of the liveliest places I’ve ever been to. But also suitably fascinating, awkward and mind-boggling.

Overall Amsterdam surprised me and I liked it way more than I thought I would. During my stay three locals started talking to me in Dutch and were then surprised when I told them I was English and didn’t speak Dutch. Therefore to match my apparently Dutch appearance, I’m considering learning the language. It’s going on my list.

I slept a lot better on my last night in Amsterdam, as the three girls I was previously sharing the room with had left, meaning I had a six bed dorm all to myself! What a luxury.

Amsterdam has been a pleasure. Now time to get a train to Brussels.