A weekend in Paris.

The last stop on my interrailing trip, Paris. I have been to Paris once before with my Dad and brother, about 6 years ago. We did all the museums together, went up the Eiffel Tour and saw the Mona Lisa. Therefore this time I wanted to do some different things and wasn’t that bothered about going into all the museums. Plus the museums are expensive and I don’t have a job!

On Saturday I went to the Palace of Versailles, which was suitably impressive! Although, despite having about a ticket beforehand online, I still had to queue for an hour to get through security. The actual Palace was full of people, therefore I didn’t spend a long time gawking at the décor in every room. I skipped through the audio tour reasonably quickly and in the end spent the most time in the gardens. They were immense! Some of the water fountains had been choreographed into musical shows with water spouting in all directions. Plus the sun was shining, so was a pretty good day. The train back to the centre of Paris was completely packed, but thankfully I managed to steal a perch on a couple steps.

I’d met a couple girls that I shared a room with in the hostel and we ended up in the hostel bar one evening, which was actually pretty good! It turns out the bar for the hostel is also a local bar/club and there were even a couple guys with guitars providing the music. It’s the latest I’ve stayed out since August! My usual bedtime has been around 9 o’clock, as I haven’t wanted to stay out late on my own. Possibly not the usually expectation of an 18 year old interrailing…

On Sunday I just walked around the city taking photos and eating food. Walking through Le Louvre was particularly entertaining as all the people were standing on the concrete blocks looking like giraffes…they were trying to make it look like they were touching the point of the pyramid! I stand by my remark that Belgian pain au chocolat is better than the French ones.

Living abroad and travelling for the past couple of months has also made me super aware of my English accent. This may sound odd, but in England you obviously don’t realise you have an accent. Whereas travelling I’ve only met one other English person. Therefore I’ve become very aware of my accent, which is quite an odd feeling!

My bag is now packed ready for my super early train tomorrow. I have planned to get to the Eurostar earlier than most people probably would, as my bag is guaranteed to be searched with all my medication! Luckily I’ve got all my medical letters so hopefully it won’t be an issue and I won’t be calling home from a French jail.