London to Reading to Chichester.

It feels like I’ve been back in the UK for weeks, as I’ve done so much with so many different people!

I started by visiting my friend in London. I caught the Eurostar from Paris on Monday and arrived back in the UK, for the first time in two months, with a total of €3.70 and no pounds. Thankfully, unlike Germany, most places here take card - so I wasn’t completely at a loss. We wasted hours just talking about life and laughing. It’s great having a friend that actually knows London. We found an amazing pizza place hidden away at Convent Garden, called Homeslice Neal’s Yard. The surprise on my face when the waitress spoke English to us was apparently more obvious than I had thought! This may sound weird but I’ve been used to hearing everything but English first over the past month or so. Even on the underground I almost spoke in German first. Although this did reassure me that my languages must have improved, at least a little, whilst away. On the way back to the underground we couldn’t resist the cupcake stand. It’s fair to say we probably shouldn’t have eaten the cupcakes and both felt extremely full and sick afterwards, but they were too good to resist! I definitely don’t regret it! Although he did slightly when he had a pretty physical class in the afternoon with lots of running.

I also managed to get my flu jab done at a boots in London. As I have CF I have to get it done every year, as flu can be extremely damaging and dangerous to our health. Since I won’t be back home until early November and flu season will have started by then, I wanted to get it done asap. It was super easy to have it done at boots and they will even notify my local GP that I’ve had it. So that’s one less thing to worry about. Especially as I’m visiting my friend’s at universities and there are likely to be a fair few ill people around, just like at school. At school I used to get quite a few colds in the winter, as you’re always exposed to people in a fairly confined space. Therefore it was pretty hard to avoid, no matter how many vitamin C tablets I took!

After London, I went to reading to visit my friend at Uni there. We spent time chilling with her Uni friends, eating chocolate and watching Netflix series! I also decided to chop most of my hair off and it’s now the shortest I’ve had it since I was 4! When I say it’s the shortest I’ve had it, I mean it’s an inch or so below my shoulders. I absolutely love it though! It’s been driving me crazy for the past few weeks as its been super long and lost its shape. Plus I wanted it short for my ski season, where my hair will be in a helmet or hat all day. As a lot of girls (and possibly some guys) will know, long hair gets knotty way too quickly.

I’m now in Chichester, my second to last stop for Universities, visiting my oldest friend. Oldest in the sense that we’ve been friends for the longest not that she is the oldest. After 4 late nights in a row over the past week, I was glad to chill for a couple days. We binged watched a lot of good rubbish on Netflix!

After not having drunk any alcohol over the past two months, expect for one cup of glühwein with my brother to celebrate my ski season job, it’s been an entertaining week! One last stop before going home…for a day. Unfortunately it’s probably the most annoying journey in terms of train changes and buses, as I need to go through London and I didn’t realise that Warwick station isn’t actually the closest train station to Warwick Uni! But I’m sure I can manage it.