12 days left in Berlin.

The past few weeks seem to have flown by and I can’t quite believe that I have less than two weeks left here. In all honesty I can’t say I’m that sad to be leaving soon. Whilst it has been a great experience, city life isn’t for me. I’m definitely more of a country bumpkin.

This weekend my Mum and un-dad (he’s not officially my step-father as he and my mum aren’t married but they’ve been together too long to refer to him as “my mother’s partner or boyfriend”. Therefore it’s become a family saying that he’s our un-dad) are visiting, so I should probably tidy the flat and buy some food that’s not just Milka chocolate. It will be interesting to see what my mum thinks of the city and the area I’m staying in, especially as we all inherited her gene for preferring the country and coast. Plus the area I’m staying in isn’t exactly Upper East Side New York.

After Berlin I am planning on inter-railing back to the UK, through Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris. I have almost completely booked this now and I’m starting to get super excited for it. As I’m only staying in each city for a couple of nights, I was able to book hostels as my accommodation. Once I get back to the UK I will train it up the country visiting my friends at university on the way. I can’t wait to see them all especially as this is the last time I’ll see a lot of them until Easter time next year.

One incentive for doing all of my medication properly is the extra space it’ll create in my bag! And the couple kilos it will shave off the weight. Therefore I can shop more! It’s a win win situation really…I keep healthy and I get to buy new clothes!