Pretty eventful past three days...

One thing I have to confess is that I am addicted to Jaffa cakes. I am a jaffaholic. When a friend back home realised that I can’t get Jaffa cakes out here, he decided to take matters into his own hands and managed to get my mum and Rob to smuggle 4 boxes of 20 Jaffa cakes across the border and to me, in Berlin. It’s fair to say I was over the moon! So much so that I ate two boxes over the weekend.

All joking aside, I really am addicted and have been for as long as I can remember, as one of my dietitians when I was little said that I could eat Jaffas as a playground snack at break-time and get away with not taking enzymes, as they have so little fat in. For those of you that don’t know, people with CF have to take enzymes in tablet form whenever they eat food, as our bodies don’t produce/release enzymes properly. Therefore eating Jaffas as my break-time snack made me feel more normal and like all the other kids, because I didn’t have to take tablets after eating a couple. This has now led to Jaffas being my go-to snack. However eating 50 at a time does mean I have to take enzymes!

Over the weekend I showed my mum and Rob around the city, visiting the mandatory sights such as the East Side Gallery, the Jewish Holocaust memorial and Charlottenburg Palace. We walked around the city when it was getting dark as there is currently a Festival of Lights here, where images, art and videos are projected onto buildings in Berlin. It definitely added to the already arty vibe Berlin has.

After walking and training it round the city all day Saturday, we checked out the Oktoberfest market in Alexanderplatz. We ate waffles that definitely had enough sugar to give us heart-attacks (see below) and of course went to the bar.


At the bar we (by we I mean Rob and I, as Mum doesn’t speak any German) got talking to a woman from Brussels who lives in Berlin. She offered to set me up with her son and said I could stay in his old room in her house, for free. I’m not entirely sure whether one was reliant on the other and that if I were to stay in her house I would have to date her son, and I guess I’ll never actually know. But it was nice to know that my German was good enough to talk to a random lady about how she wanted me to marry her son!

Neither Mum nor Rob were too horrified with where I am staying and are happy I am surviving on my own. However despite my best efforts they did notice the, shall we call it an ‘adult club’ that is next door to my block of flats.

Overall it was great weekend and they made sure they fed me…one of the best pluses when your parent(s) visit!