My month 'off' at home

Although this is my ‘month off’, I am certainly not not busy! From doing sports every day, often twice or three times a day, and meeting people to going to London to meet princess Anne, I certainly know how to pack everything in.

Last time I said I have some exciting things to announce, one of these was that I won an award for my volunteering teaching sailing at my local club. This involved going to London for an awards ceremony, presented by Princess Anne. There were only two of us under 25 receiving an award and the majority of the others were 60 plus. It’s fair to say I felt very young! Therefore, I decided to wear a red dress just in case I didn’t already stand out enough! I also did a radio interview because of the award and managed to get a shameless plug for my blog in there! Check out the radio interview here (I’m on at 34 minutes): and a newspaper article about it here:

The other exciting announcement is that I’m working with the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. I have written my first article for them about moving away and sticking to your guns. I always find that there’s a million reasons not to do something and usually only one reason to do something. However, it is often that one reason that you can’t quite get rid of and it keeps going around and around in your head. Therefore, I tend to listen to the one reason to do it. Although, sometimes this does lead to questionable decisions, most of the time you feel great for actually doing what you wanted, despite all the barriers in the way. Check out my article here:

I also had my check up appointment and am happy to say I smashed my lung function and they’re happy to let me go to Austria until April, without a check appointment in between (usually I have a check up every 2 months)! This is super exciting and I credit my good lung function and good general health to my sports. My physio always tells me how she is constantly trying to get people to do sport because it has a huge health benefit to people with CF. I can 100% say this is true. Although, I don’t like running whilst doing it, as my lungs often feel like they’re going to explode, the benefit after is immense and is the reason I keep doing it. If I could give a person with CF only one tip, it would be to do sport/exercise.

I have also uploaded pictures from my time in Berlin. You can check these out here: