Warwick to Scotland to Home

I am so fed up of trains now! After a slightly complicated journey to Warwick, I thankfully don’t have to go on another train for a good while!

At Warwick, I was given the full Uni experience. I attended a history lecture, where it turns out I had more clue what was happening than my friend Emmy, who is doing it as her degree. I was taken food shopping and somehow ended up cooking for Emer, my friend from sixth form, despite the fact she was meant to be the one hosting. However, she did give me her bed, instead of the floor, so it was a fair trade in the end. Finally, I helped find books in the library. I was basically a proper Uni student for 72 hours!

After Warwick, it wasn’t quite time to go home properly yet, as I had one more trip…to Scotland. Thankfully this was driving. I say thankfully but it was an 8 hour drive, so maybe not thankfully. One of my brother’s and I shared the drive, so it wasn’t too horrendous and was made entertaining by a combination of raspberry brownies and facetiming people along the route. We didn’t just randomly decide to drive to Scotland for the kicks, we’re not quite that weird! My oldest brother is studying up there and there was a sailing event going on over the weekend. The sailing was slightly hit and miss on Saturday, however was perfect on Sunday. Unfortunately, I wasn’t sailing at this event but was helping out instead, which was also fun. I attended my first Ceilidh on Saturday evening, which was amazing! I managed to pick up a few of the dances, which thankfully they call the steps for before the music started and in true Ceilidh fashion my arm is now bruised from being swung around!

I am now home and for longer than I had originally thought I would be. The animals were all slightly confused but happy to see me, although that may change when my horse realises how much exercise he’s going to be doing now I’m home! Being home is a slightly odd feeling, but definitely a good one. I collected all my A Level art from school, so popped my head round a couple teachers’ doors at the same time. They were surprised but happy (I think…I hope) to see me and hear about my adventures so far. Although it did cause them to turn slightly green with envy!

It’s weird being home and not necessarily having anything to do. My plans are to do a lot of sport, pick my music back up, socialise with my friends still here and I am attending a German class at a nearby Uni, to ensure my German will be good enough for my ski season.

I also have a few very exciting announcements to make in the next couple of weeks, so keep yours eyes on this page! One thing I can announce now, after months of secrecy, is that I have won an RYA Volunteer Award and will get to meet royalty at the prize ceremony! To check out what the award is, why I’ve won it and who else has won one, click this link: https://www.rya.org.uk/newsevents/news/Pages/Award-winning-Midlands-sailors-have-Royal-appointment.aspx

On a slight side note, my sailing club is raising money for a device called a clearway. A clearway is a physio machine used by many people with CF. This is also a thank you gesture to my paediatric team. To find out more and donate, click this link: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-display/showROFundraiserPage?userUrl=ElainePenhaul&pageUrl=1