Goodbye England, Hello Austria!

Only a couple of days until I leave for Austria! I am super excited! But also, slightly nervous as it’s my first ‘proper’ job. I’ve seen all my grandparents and most of my friends, so am in all their good books, so the only thing left to do is pack. Honestly. it looks like a good time to be leaving the UK as well, given everything that’s kicking off politically! However, if there is a general election you can count on me having a postal vote! After all, you can’t moan about the current situation if you had a chance to change it and didn’t.

Whilst I’ve loved being at home and seeing my family, animals and friends, I have become slightly bored and am definitely ready for a new adventure! Unfortunately, I never heard anything back from the local Austrian doctor so my hold bag is going to be full…again! However, I’m not taking all 5 months’ worth of medication with me, as I’m giving my mum an excuse to come visit me in February (with the rest of my medication)!

Whilst at home I have been climbing, riding, gyming, doing music and socialising. I even ended up playing in one of my old school bands when I visited my old music teacher! I have also been editing my travelling photos and writing for the CF Trust. To check out my latest article click here:

I will be uploading my last set of inter-railing photos from Paris soon, so keep an eye out for them! Other than that, I’ll start writing from and about Austria very soon! Wish me luck!