Austria is my home.

Austria is amazing! It feels like we’ve all known each other here for ages, not just 7 days. Everyone here is really sociable and lovely and we get on like a house on fire! I love my job and actually look forward to working and the social/night life is also great! Right now, doing winter season is suiting me down to the ground!

Unfortunately, I never heard anything back from the doctors out here so have had to bring 3 months’ worth of medication with me. My hold luggage barely had any clothes in it, just medicines! I wrapped all my clothes around my snowboard and just managed to stay within both the weight limits! Mum will bring out the last month or so of medication out for me around February time, which is slightly annoying but workable. Plus, it means my hold bag will basically be empty going home!


I always find it interesting meeting new people and making friends and when I should tell them about my CF. It’s especially weird here as we’re all living together as well as working together for 4 months. Therefore, I decided to suck it up and bite the bullet and told people pretty much straight away. I told the girls I’m sharing with first as obviously they saw my huge suitcase of medication! Then the management team as I had to ask where to keep my nebulisers that need to be refrigerated and after that I told people when they saw all my pill boxes and asked, but in general word just spread. Which to be honest I actually quite like as it means that I don’t have to go tell everyone individually. When I was younger, I was terrified that people would see me differently because of my CF and not like me because of it. However, as I’ve gotten older and started to care less about telling people about my CF, I’ve actually found that the reaction is usually the complete opposite. People think that I am stronger because of it. One guy here told me that I’m a ‘rare to find strong soul’. I’m defying a lot of stereotypes and misconceptions by doing what I’m doing with CF. And to me that seems completely mind-boggling, as some of the things that I’m doing I would have never thought would be possible myself.

Although I’m loving it right now, I am slightly worried about getting ill as we’re all living and working together, so I can’t escape the illnesses…I’m just doing my best to stay well and take all my medication. Plus, the mountain air does wonders for my lungs! I barely cough when up top on the mountain! So, finger crossed I can make it through all 4 months.

My family are out this week for Christmas, which is amazing! Everyone seems to love them! However, it does not feel like Christmas one bit! My lovely manager has made my day off tomorrow, so I get to spend Christmas Day with the family!

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted, now that my first week of work is done, hopefully I’ll be able to post more again and finally upload those Paris photos! I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas!