Moving to Berlin, the toils of packing and planning!

Even at the best of times packing is one of the hardest parts of going away, whether it is moving house, country or simply just going on holiday. Packing for moving to new country is a colossal task on its own, however becomes an even bigger task when you have to order enough medication to last your whole trip (in my case two months). As you can imagine taking approximately 40 tablets a day, inhalers and nebulisers soon adds up to a significant amount of medication when you need enough for several months. As a result my hold bag was overweight and barely carriable. Approximately one third of my hold bag was taken up with medication or medical appliances. This also annoyingly means my travel insurance is more expensive, more money which as a student I don’t have! Below is a picture of just how much space two thirds of my medication takes up in a 60L bag. Luckily I managed to find a bigger wheel along suitcase, so I could actually take some clothes with me as well!


One of the other problems I faced when planning my move was accommodation. Unfortunately due to my CF I can’t stay in a hostel where we would share a bathroom for a prolonged period of time, due to the risk of infection and level of bacteria in standing water. My mother also wasn’t happy with the idea of me staying in a hostel for two months due to these reasons. Therefore I have had to rent an apartment, which in the long run I’m sure will work out better! This means I have a whole one bedroom apartment to myself with my own bathroom and kitchen, positively luxurious! It also means I can come home after a long day and relax without having to worry about other people.

Although these problems are admittedly mostly negative, I haven’t let them dissuade me from perusing my year abroad. If you take one obstacle at a time with a level head they are all manageable. I mean I’m currently sat in the living room of my Berlin apartment writing this. Just because you have an illness or disease doesn’t mean you can’t fulfil your dreams. And if you think it means you can’t, I am going to prove you wrong!