Day one and the universe was against me...

Now I’m not the biggest believer in signs or omens but when you’re about to leave everything you know, you start thinking everything is a sign. On the way to the airport the universe was definitely telling me to stay home and not to go. First of all my suitcase broke just before I was meant to leave the house, so I had to transfer all my belongings into a different bag. Thankfully my Mum gave me her sailing bag, which is humongous and has wheels! Then, after leaving the house with my newly packed suitcase, we became stuck in stand still traffic as the motorway was shut because of an accident. This delayed us by about an hour and half, however thankfully due to my Mum’s obsessive nature I didn’t miss my plane and even managed to have coffee and breakfast with her at the airport. Finally after deciphering the self-check-in type desks, hauling my majorly overweight bag onto the luggage conveyer belt and having my bag drug swabbed at security, I made it into the duty-free area. But this was not the end of my bad omens, as everyone knows bad things come in threes. Lastly my flight was supposedly delayed by 20 minutes but in reality was delayed by an hour. None of which helped my mental state at the time, as I was already an emotional wreck as I had just said goodbye to all my friends, family and pets. Despite almost crying around 5 times at the airport, I managed to compose myself and hold the tears back with Spotify music and jelly snakes! I ate a lot of jelly snakes that day!

After that the plane journey and taxi ride to my apartment was relatively uneventful. The lady I’m renting off showed me around the apartment and told me about the best places to eat nearby and where the supermarket was. Absolutely starving, as my lunch basically only consisted of jelly snakes, I decided I try to find some pizza. However I had no clue where/if I could get a takeaway pizza or what takeaway was in German. Therefore I settled for buying frozen pizza from the supermarket. When I got back to the apartment I thought it would be a quick easy process of chuck the pizza in the oven, eat and then sleep. Man was I wrong! At home we have an Aga so I’m not that use to cooking with normal ovens at the best of times, but can manage. However the oven here is gas, so I have to light some part of the inside to make it work. After what seemed an age of googling and watching youtube videos (and almost phoning my step-dad to help) I managed to light it. Only just avoiding burning myself. On the bright side the pizza was good, even if a little burnt and I spoke to my sister on the phone, reminding me we are never alone (no matter how far away we may be).

So after a full on stressful and tiring day, I was exhausted. Luckily I didn’t need to be at work the next morning until 10, so had some time in the morning to sleep and work out where I was meant to be going.