My first weekend.

My first weekend alone in Berlin. To be honest it hasn’t been great. Saturday morning and afternoon was good. I met my uncle and some of his friends for breakfast as he was in the area, which was nice to finally see someone I actually know. After that I had a look in my ‘guide to Berlin’ book and decided to check out an art gallery nearby. However it wasn’t as cool as it sounded. In the book it said it was an old church that had been converted into an art gallery. So in my head I imagined this beautiful old church, but in reality is was a concrete building. The art inside was also extremely odd, especially as it had no explanation. So after my first not so inspiring art gallery, I found another one which was definitely a more conventional art gallery and had some cool stuff in.

I find it funny that at times I catch myself wishing that things happened in real life like they do in the films. In the art gallery I was waiting for a handsome young man to come start talking to me, like in gossip girl. But to my dismay nothing happened. As I walked round the city, camera in hand, I felt slightly more at home. Despite the fact that having my camera probably meant I was more likely to be mugged, it was something I was used to and it gave me something to do.

On Sunday I didn’t do much, except go for a run and work out, because I couldn’t help but feel completely alone. I missed everything and everyone back home. At home my weekends have been full of sports, friends and family, none of which I have here. I’m just hoping that this week I make some friends, so that I have someone to do something with. My current fight or flight instinct is telling me to go home, back to my family and friends. But I have to stay strong and stick it out, hoping things will get better. Plus if I stick it out for a couple more weeks then my family will be here, which I can’t wait for. I can also still talk to everyone on the phone and over message which makes me feel better.