My last weekend alone!

A lot of people say that you meet more people travelling or going somewhere alone because you’re forced to talk to people other than your friend(s). However I whole-heartedly disagree! From traveling alone, I would say it is easier with at least one friend. Having a friend makes you (or at least me) feel more confident and willing to start a conversation with a stranger, as you know you’re friend will back you up if something goes wrong. But I wouldn’t let this discourage anyone from travelling alone.

This weekend I went for a run, worked out, walked around the city a bit and found a climbing centre. Although the climbing centre was a bit of a bust, as it was more a bouldering gym than a place for bouldering as a sport and I probably won’t be going back, this weekend has been much better than last. I am now more used to being on my own and have even found a great takeaway pizza place! My friends back home moving to uni and starting freshers’ week has also provided entertainment. Thanks to all their stories I will be receiving over the next few weeks, I will know exactly what and what not to do next year!

I also joined a Facebook group called Girl Gone International (sorry boys), which would have been a way for me to meet some people in Berlin. I say would have as I did speak to some girls about meeting up for coffee, however unfortunately we couldn’t make our timings work. But for anyone moving to a different city abroad I would definitely recommend researching a Facebook group or company that helps you meet people. I would recommend Girl Gone International (which I did a lot of googling about), but obviously is only for girls. Other people recommended for me to join an Erasmus or international students Facebook page. Or alternatively, as many of my friends tried to get me to do, you could always try tinder!

Thankfully this was my last weekend alone and over the next few weeks I have family and friends coming to visit!