Avalanches, ice driving and whiplash

As I’m sure many of you will have seen on the news, the snow in Austria is insane! However, that also means there is a high risk of avalanches and sadly some people near where I am have been killed due to them. Naturally this has spooked some people and people from back home have been checking up on us and worrying. But don’t worry, we’re all staying safe and staying on piste or in the bars at the minute!

I’ve started learning to snowboard, which is actually going really well. I’ve done six days so far, can turn and just about get down a red run. However, whenever I fall, I fall hard. I never seem to just flop onto the floor. I slam. Therefore, I took a few days off to recover from bad whiplash, which was conveniently timed with the white outs! Due to my determined nature, I am back boarding and no matter how many times or how badly I fall, I won’t give up until I can do tricks in the park! And by that point there will be no point in giving up!

There has been an Audi driving experience here, which was still running in spite of the white outs. Therefore when we couldn’t ski, we skidded an Audi around on ice instead, which was so much fun! Plus, there were a lot of freebies!

I have also had my place for my summer season confirmed, so will be teaching sailing in Greece over the summer for 4 months or so, before going to uni.

My university has started sending me questionnaires to fill in regarding my CF and how I will deal with it at university and how they can help. Which has made me super excited to go to university, but super glad that I stuck to 4 year plan of taking a gap year and applied for deferred entry straight away. One of the best things is that I will need a mini fridge in my room, to refrigerate my medication and of course everyone knows that chocolate is an important type of medicine for people with CF!

I would just like to apologise for the delay in this post being uploaded, our Wifi has been down. Some people reckon it was because of the snow, which although sounds ridiculous, was exactly what happened with my Wifi at home. Whenever, it was bad weather – super rainy or windy – then our Wifi would be rubbish!

I also have some super exciting news to announce soon! So keep yours eyes on this page!