Quitting, newbies, après and the Royals.

As I said last time, I have some exciting news to announce! I recently won an award for my volunteering in the sailing community, at which I met Princess Ann. Seeing as I was only one of two people under the age of 40 to win the award, they are using me as a case study. This means I have written an article for the RYA about the award, sailing and how volunteering helps with my CF. To check it out click: https://www.rya.org.uk/newsevents/news/Pages/Giving-your-volunteers-a-right-Royal-thanks-a-case-study-and-tips.aspx?utm_campaign=RYA+Midlands+Regional+Bulletin+-+January+2019&utm_source=emailCampaign&utm_content=&utm_medium=email

As far as Austrian life goes, one girl quit so I now have a new roommate. My snowboarding is getting better and I am falling over less and less and turning more and more. However, my legs and arms are quite bruised…but that is probably from a combination of snowboarding and après! As ridiculous as it may sound, I have found life here a bit repetitive, which has been frustrating me the past week. I am the type of person that gets bored very easily and needs to kept on my toes. Therefore, I have been socialising with some different people from another company, which has helped. I’m also considering joining the gym, so that I have more choice of things to do each day.

It’s crazy to think that I’m exactly a third of the way through my season here! I still need to perfect my skiing and boarding, but that won’t be too hard of a task. I also need to keep myself out of too much trouble, as my summer season is contingent on me completing my winter. This may be a slightly harder task but as long as the managers don’t find out then I’m fine! Jokes aside, this also means I’m very conscience of my health, which is another of the reasons I’m considering joining the gym, as I find running helps my lungs no end. The impact combined with the physical exertion helps to break up the gunk in my lungs and clear them. Although from the number of slams I’ve taken snowboarding, I think they’ve been shaken up pretty well lately!

I do have another announcement which I can’t share just yet but as soon as I can, I will!