Happy New Year!

I’ve been here a few weeks now and the honeymoon period is starting to end. Certain people’s personalities are starting to clash, people’s true colours are being shown and glitches that need ironing out are clear. However, so far no one has quit or been fired, which is definitely a promising sign! The glitches will be sorted out in no time and as we’re around each other all day every day, everyone understands the importance of being civil and getting on even if they’re not your favourite person in the world.

I always find first impressions really interesting. Some people’s first impression is bang on and you predict from the get go what sort of person they are. Whereas others are completely different. Sometimes the quiet one is actually the loudest or the one you think is going to be the trouble maker is actually the most sensible. When I first arrived a lot of the hotel staff thought I was 21 and some friends I’ve made since thought I was 28! They said they thought I was 28, not because of my looks (looks wise they said I look around 20), but because apparently, I’m very wise and mature. People often have a very different first impression of me compared to when they start chipping away at the armour. Due to my CF I have always been very good at being strong and tough. At school when I was very ill, I’d make it seem as though I wasn’t ill or that I was just a ‘normal’ amount of ill. As we have always done my IVs (intravenous antibiotics) at home, meaning I could go to school normally, people would rarely know when I was actually properly ill. Often, they’d just think I had a common cold or cough. You’d never know that I had Cystic Fibrosis by just looking at me. Therefore, when people find out often their impression of me changes. Plus, if/when they read my blog their impression changes again and to an extent pieces together some of the Poppy puzzle. So far only a couple of people of read my blog and it’s super interesting seeing they’re reaction to it all.

On a different note, Happy New Year! 2018 was one of the best years and I’m hoping 2019 will be even better! I’m going to make it my healthiest, most adventurous so far. My resolutions are to keep on top of my medication, master skiing and snowboarding and blog every week! Currently these are looking pretty achievable, some more challenging than others, but I love a challenge and need one to keep me from getting into too much trouble!

If you’re struggling to think of resolutions, I’d say think about the things that went wrong last year and make resolutions about how you could change or make those things better. But I wouldn’t aim to have a perfect year, only full of highs because that’s just unrealistic and at the end of the day the lows make the highs even sweeter. Everybody has good and bad times and often it’s the way we react to the bad times that makes us into who we are or who we want to be. 

Here’s to making 2019 great!