First couple weeks of Uni

What a whirlwind of a start to uni! The past couple of weeks have been full of meeting new people, forgetting half their names, attending lectures (I’ve managed not to miss one so far) and getting very annoyed at myself. 

Freshers fortnight has been fun but I’m also glad its over. We went out a lot, to house parties, clubs and society socials. On two occasions my legs were taped to other people’s. The first time on a sailing social, where four of us were taped together at the ankles. We then went on a house/bar crawl before ending up at a club. Surprisingly, we were actually very co-ordinated and managed to walk better than most without falling over once! The second time another girl and I were taped either side of a third-year guy, which we couldn’t complain too much about! Again, we walked to multiple houses, before ending up at a house party and we didn’t fall over either. Although we did get a few odd looks when we went into Sainsbury’s.  

I raced with sailing for the first time in about a year and sailed the worst I have for a long time! Absolutely furious at myself, I almost decided to not sail at Uni at all. However, I have now decided that I am just going to see what happens. I am racing yachts outside of Uni anyway, so may try Uni yachting as well, but will just see what happens over the year. I can always try and join the team later in the year or next year if I still want to. At the end of the day though, I’ve only been at Uni for a couple weeks, so don’t actually need to decide anything just yet. Plus sailing on the sea is way more fun than sailing on a small weed-filled lake! From now on I’m going back to my more laisse-faire approach to life and am going to try not to put as much pressure on everything. After all, I have only been here for 2 weeks and am here for 4 years!

Lectures are going okay except for the sheer amount of reading I have to do. I knew I shouldn’t have chosen a humanities-based degree! This weekend I headed back up North to coach some sailing, which meant I got to see my best friend, sister and almost brother in law! It was nice to get away from the whirlwind of starting Uni and freshers fortnight, plus it meant I got a proper Sunday roast!