A lousy week...at least from Thursday onwards

What a whirl wind of a week! Everything was going fabulously until Thursday. As soon as Thursday hit, everything seemed to go Pete Tong. Arguments and fights (almost fist fights but not quite) kicked off between people, there were messy nights out and as soon as one person starts kicking off everyone becomes het up and the whole situation becomes intense, which doesn’t solve anything. On another bad note, one of our managers has torn her ACL. However, the most frustrating thing is she didn’t tear it due to her own errors. She was hit by two drunken skiers and is now most likely unable to ski for the rest of the season. She’s currently deciding whether to go home or not, which nobody wants but she has to look after her well-being, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. On top of this, transfer day yesterday was a bit messy and disorganised. I had to leg it to the lift pass office at 8pm to order two more lift passes, as we had missed two people off the order list. However, I didn’t know that it had started snowing extremely heavily, so was running in a blizzard wearing leggings, a polo, reasonably thin coat and snow boots. It’s fair to say my forehead froze without a hat and I came back looking like drowned, snowy rat. The day was just generally rubbish and stressful and to be honest was an apt end to a (now turned) lousy week!

Luckily, we all know (or I hope we all do) we are living on top of each other and we’re going to get in each other’s way, therefore things to have calmed down a bit today and will hopefully stay that way…at least for a while.

On the bright side, I had one of the best days snowboarding on Wednesday with about 20 of us going on an adventure for one of the girl’s birthdays. Plus, my mum is coming out soon and I’m arranging dates with my sister for her and her fiancé to come out! Both of which I am super excited about! Especially as talking to or seeing my family, especially my siblings, always cheers me up, no matter how terrible of a mood I’m in!

It is currently a blizzard outside and we have metres upon metres of snow, which is going to make this week’s boarding amazing, as it is going to be sunny from tomorrow onwards! I have also been looking into ski and snowboard instructor courses, which I have definitely added to my bucket list! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to do one this season, but will definitely do one at some point in the next couple of years.

I have also sorted out more uni stuff and have booked an appointment with them to talk about my CF and dyslexia and how they can help me manage them whilst at uni. Thankfully, I have managed to book this for April, before I run away to Greece for 5 months and after I come back from Austria.

So things are looking up for this week and there’s no way I’m allowing this week to be lousy as well!