Drunk guests and riding switch.

This week has been pretty good! The guests last week were great and I even had breakfast/coffee with them at the airport, whilst waiting for our new arrivals. They provided a lot of entertainment, especially when they turned up to the transfer coach to the airport hammered at 5:30am. They had gone out the night before and decided it wasn’t worth going to bed, so got back to the hotel at 4:45am and pretty much got straight onto the coach! It’s fair to say they were a good laugh!

The guests this week are slightly different, as it is half term so we have a lot of families and kids. However, there are still a few 20-year olds to have a laugh with. I find it interesting having new guests every week, as some weeks you have guests that you really get along with and would be friends with back home, but are only here for a week. Therefore, you can’t properly get to know them and there’s always the slight air of staff-customer separation. However, some weeks you have guests that you can’t wait to drop off at the airport! But more often than not you see the same types of people week in, week out. There’s often a group of old men that think they’re still in their 20s, a large group of family friends and then the solo travellers that are happy bumbling along by themselves. It’s rarer to get people that you actually like and click with, but everyone notices it and appreciates it when you do.

On a different note skiing/boarding this week has been glorious! My face is now like a panda, as I’ve started to get a goggle tan, which will only get worse…or better (depending on how you classify it) throughout the season. I’ve met some great people inside and outside the company I work for, which makes things fun and keeps things interesting and different, particularly because everybody has a different approach to getting down the hill. Some people are all about speed and doing as many runs in a day as possible, whereas others prefer to take it more chilled, mess about and have fun. Personally, I love just messing about and taking it more chilled, improving technique with silly exercises. The other day my friend and I were doing random exercises that he’d seen on YouTube that help improve your boarding technique, such as screeching to a stop and then trying to jump up/down the mountain or trying to bunny hop throughout turns. I can now also do switch and my aim by the end of the season is to be able to ride switch as well as I can ride regular. I’ve only got 53 days to master it,  but I reckon I’ve got this in the bag!