Broken boards, off piste and photography.

This week has been one of the best! My snowboarding is improving every day and, on my day, off, a few of us went on an adventure to one of the nearby linked resorts. It was one of the best days boarding. The sun was out, snow was good, my boarding was feeling great and I was keeping up with the guys that have been doing it three times as long as me and we ran into (not literally) some friends from another company over there. However, my board did get a slight battering when a skier hurtled into me at lift pass barrier and destroyed the nose of my board. Luckily, I know a guy in one of the ski shops that could fix it and its (basically) back to new and didn’t cost me an arm or a leg! It is all about who you know not what you know!

I will soon be doing some more photography and photographing guys (and girls) flipping off the pro line in the snow park. I just need to find a day that I’m free, they’re free and the weather is good. This is one of the ways I’m starting to make things not as repetitive out here and meet new people. Both things that will stop me getting fed up and bored! Skiing with different people is also making things more interesting and keeping me on my toes, especially when they decide to take me off piste on my board, for the first time, and they’re both skiers.

I’m pretty much half way through my winter season now, which seems crazy! My mum is coming out in a couple weeks to bring me more drugs. It’ll be really nice to see her and show her how much my snowboarding has improved, considering last time she saw it, I was on the nursery slopes learning to turn.

Recently I’ve started missing playing my instruments and to an extent started craving to play the piano. Unfortunately I haven’t found anywhere out here where there is a piano, so I just have to settle for listening to songs I would play instead. I can’t wait to play all my music when I get home, provided I haven’t forgotten how!