Drinking games, crazy doctors and snowboarding lessons

The past few weeks have been pretty chilled, for our hotel at least. We had another load of American guests (only half full hotel this time though), who were actually really nice and were great fun! They did however make the mistake of challenging us to drinking games and underestimated the ability of our Scots man, who well and truly showed them up by downing a carafe of wine.

Unfortunately, I caught a cold, which has just about gone by now. This did mean taking an exciting trip to the local doctor, who looks suitably crazy in a white lab coat, blue swimming cap, with beady eyes behind a pair of glasses. As St Anton is so small, they don’t have the ability to do sputum samples and send them off like they would back at home. So, he just looked down my CF medication letter and prescribed me an antibiotic that was on there, which I take when I get colds back home. I have also found that if you’re on a chair lift on your own, it’s a great opportunity to do physio! I have also reserved two weeks when I’m home, in which I can have IVs (intravenous antibiotics) if I need.

This week, I taught a friend how to snowboard and have potentially converted him from skiing! Thankfully, as it’s snowed so much the snow was super soft, so he didn’t get too bruised and battered when falling over. Plus, you don’t feel as bad laughing at the wipe-outs if you know they haven’t hurt themselves! I’m now considering doing and researching ski/ snowboard instructor courses, which means I will have no choice but to perfect switch and keep up my skiing. Speaking of which, I skied for the first time in a month this week and weirdly I think I’m better than before!

I find it highly entertaining being able to switch between English and German, as people from other companies don’t know I can speak German (they may do now). I was with a friend the other day who was very shocked when I ordered our drinks in German. Similarly, I’m in a cafe at the minute speaking to the waitress in German one minute and then on the phone to my mother in English the next. Which confused the English guys sitting on the table next to me greatly.

There’s only three weeks left here and there’s more than enough snow to last until the end of the season, all we need now is the sun! Then we can all come home looking like true ski bums with immense goggle tans! I’ll be going straight from the mountains to the sea – as I’ve got some sailing events planned for when I get home and then will be off to Greece to work as a beach bum for 5 months!  So, a lot to look forward to, but also a lot to do in a short space of time!