Future Husband applications!

On the future husband front, there have been a few more applicants. One of which texted my mother: “Hi, I’ve recently read/listened to Poppy’s latest blog and am slightly hurt that I’ve not been considered as a future husband, I sort of know how to sail (need to double check which certificates I have, but definitely 1&2) and have an FCSE distinction in Spanish and think your daughter is absolutely wonderful. Best regards, A hopeful son in law.” To which my mother replied: “Dear hopeful son in law, whilst I am very happy to consider you along with the other applicants, I think a few things should be clear. The need to sail at a high level is for your personal protection. You won't survive an evening at our dinner table without a comprehensive knowledge of the racing rules and, increasingly, the understanding of the Americas Cup and Volvo races. A L2 is a good start and I think if you were to add a transatlantic crossing or a win at Cowes week that would suffice. My daughter is indeed wonderful and also slightly crazy. I think adding another couple of languages to your repertoire, may I suggest Arabic and Mandarin, would give her a broader choice of travel options in the longer term. Oh, and you don't mention your four-bed house in Richmond? Once the other tasks are complete perhaps you could bring the deeds to a family meeting and we can reconsider your ambitious application. Wishing you lots of luck (we think you're lovely), Poppy's best wing-woman. PS forgot to say but the Arabic is especially useful if you decide you would rather swap her for a few camels. You'll get a better price if you speak their lingo!” It’s nice to know she has her priorities straight and cares about how many camels a future husband could sell me for! He then asked her if being a bouncer was the same as having a four bed in Richmond, much to his dismay mother said it wasn’t.

I think it’s fair to say I won’t be allowed to bring just anyone home to meet the family! As the youngest of four and being very close with my siblings, they are probably harder to get approval from than my mum - which as you can see is already a tall order!

Another guy has vowed to come visit me in Greece, when I’m working there in the summer, all the way from America! However, none have fully passed the application process yet…they’ve all received ‘action plans’ from mum. Maybe, I’ll have more luck when I’m home or in Greece! In Greece they may stand a higher chance of success, as the people I’ll be working with on waterfront will obviously already be able to sail/windsurf. So, at least that’s one thing ticked off the list!