11 days left in the mountains

The last few weeks seem to have flown by and it’s hard to believe that I only have just over a week left here. Although I’ll be sad to leave the mountains, I’m also happy to be going home and getting to see my family and friends. Thankfully I’m home when my friends from Uni are as well, so I won’t have to trek over the country to visit them, like I did in November.

The past week or so here has been reasonably chilled but not without a few dramas. A guest got stuck in the lift. Unfortunately for him, he was claustrophobic but thankfully stayed reasonably calm and saw the funny side afterwards. Other guests also found this highly amusing and even made up a song about him, which they sung whenever they saw him. Again, thankfully he saw the funny side, otherwise things could have quickly become awkward!

A friend and I also carried a man half way down the slope from après. We found him about half way down the slope on the floor effing and jeffing about a rouge snowboard that hit him. It turns out somebody had thrown a random snowboard down the slope from the après bar, which took this poor Irish bloke out. It’s safe to say the Irish know how to curse and insult people! Luckily, he wasn’t too badly injured and was soon walking it off.

With only around 10 days left, I need to perfect my goggle tan, as after all it is the mark of a true ski bum! However, it will look ridiculous when I get home! My goggle tan now has two tones, one from where I’ve worn sunglasses and the other from my goggles. However, thankfully I’m going to Greece for 5 months soon, so will be able to even out my horrendous tan lines! And switch them for a board shorts and buoyancy aid tan instead.

My month at home is once again looking super busy, with everything from visiting family and hospital appointments to yacht races. It’s fair to say I know how to fill my time and don’t laze around for weeks on end doing nothing, as that would drive me crazy…crazier!