Engagement rings and future husbands...

Last week was the best by far for guests (except when my family were out at Christmas)! We had a group of 18 mid to late twenty-year olds, a group of 3 early to mid-thirty-year-old guys, a load of other lovely guests and my mother. Despite the other two customer service reps being off work for a lot of the week ill, meaning I was working overtime, due to the guests being such good fun it often didn’t feel like overtime. The guests were so much fun I even ended up in the bars with them a couple of nights – which meant my week was super cheap because guests were buying me drinks and mum was taking me out for meals!

I also discovered that my mother is the best wing woman ever! Last week she managed to find me 5 future husbands. Now I mean husbands not boyfriends, she went straight in for the long haul commitment. One guy introduced himself to my mum as her future son in law. After talking to him (interrogating him) for a while, mum proceeded to give him a five-year plan of what he had to do if he wanted to date/marry me. This included: learning how to sail (as that’s what most of our dinner time chat revolves around at home), learning three languages and upgrading his one bed in Fulham to a four bed in Richmond. He has my phone number so I guess I just have to wait five years for a call… Another future husband, who we found at one of the Après bars, didn’t need a five-year plan! He could already kite surf, speak 5 languages and was Latvian. It’s fair to say there was some rivalry when ‘the future son in law’ found out that mum was setting me up with a Latvian just 2 hours earlier! Unfortunately, all 5 future husbands have gone home now though, so I guess I have to start a new search this week…however without my mother’s wing-woman skills - which could be slightly more challenging. But I do love a challenge!

The weather has also been glorious this week and not only do I have a goggle tan but also tan lines from my rings and bracelets! Thankfully after two weeks of no snow, it has now also snowed so the following weeks are looking like perfect conditions for perfecting my boarding! With only four and a half weeks left to perfect switch I need to get practising!

I have also been busy sorting things out for when I’m home and for Uni. I have a meeting, when I’m back, at Uni to discuss what extra things I need them to provide for my Dyslexia and CF and conveniently the meeting ties in perfectly with a sailing event! My month at home is already looking busy, visiting friends/family, sailing, exercising and getting ready for my summer season. But that’s how I like it. I prefer to be busy, as then I don’t get bored and start causing too much trouble!

I also had a lovely reader email me, asking if I could create a text to speech/podcast for my blogs as they were having trouble with their eye sight. Therefore, I am excited to announce that I have now installed a text to speech button on all of my blogs! So now you can listen to my blogs on the go!