Acheivements of the season

I always find the feeling of leaving somewhere odd. Now bear with me a minute, whilst I attempt to explain what I mean. Before starting my gap year and season, I was scared (for want of a better word) that I would get addicted to seasonaire life and end up deciding not to go to Uni in September but decide to do more seasons. I say ‘for want of a better word than scared’ because I wasn’t necessarily scared of becoming a permanent seasonaire, as there isn’t anything wrong with that, but I am very ambitious and I know that having a degree will help me get to where I want to go. Therefore, I was ‘scared’ that I’d become addicted to seasons and keep putting off Uni. However, this wasn’t the case. I loved my winter season and had an amazing time but never felt addicted to seasonaire life. That is until we were leaving! Personally, whenever I leave somewhere or something I then feel like I want to go back. My mind pushes all the best memories and all the potential of that place to the front of my thoughts, which then to an extent makes me want to stay/go back. However, I know that if I were to go back then all the parts I got annoyed and fed up with would still be there. Although I was sad to leave St Anton, I am also glad to be home!

Therefore, looking back at my season here are some of my achievements:

·        I shaved someone’s head for the first time.

·        I got promoted to a manger position.

·        I learnt to snowboard and although I didn’t really learn any big tricks, by the end of the season I could butter, go over the baby jumps in the park and ride switch.

·        Despite not finding my future husband, I met some pretty great guys and gals. Some of which I will hopefully be visiting soon!

·        I think I improved my skiing…

·        I didn’t get horrendously ill and have to fly home for treatment. Equally, I also didn’t seriously injure myself.

·        I didn’t get fired.

·        I don’t think I made any enemies or if I did, they don’t seem to have a vendetta against me. At least not that I am aware of…yet!

·        I only skied down from après without my helmet once. Most people always wore a helmet when skiing/boarding, but often didn’t then take their helmet up to après. However, I wasn’t worried about my own capabilities coming down from après, I was more concerned about other people’s abilities (especially after a few drinks). Therefore, I wore a helmet 98% of the time and even managed to lock my helmet up with my board so I didn’t have to carry it.

·        Finally, I had an amazing time and wouldn’t change any of the experiences or memories. Plus, it means I now have some stories to tell!