48 hours with no sleep

What an eventful last week in Austria! From end of season awards to going almost 48 hours with no sleep, we definitely ended the season with a bang!

The night before the flight, for which we had to leave the hotel at 5:45 am and I had to start work at 5 am, was one of the biggest après bar’s closing parties. Which meant they were open until the early hours of the morning. Therefore, as it was our last night, we thought it would be a great idea and an appropriate end to the season to stay up all night and go straight from the closing party to the buses for the airport. Unfortunately for me, I was working in the morning as the guests were flying home on the same flight, so I still had to go on the coach with them to the airport. The other four people that also had work in the morning decided to call it a night at around 1 am and get a few hours sleep before work. However, when I tried to leave around 2 am, I was subsequently carried back into the bar by some friends I ran into on my way out. Therefore, I ended up staying until 4 am. At which point I slid down the slope (to get to the bottom), walked to my accommodation, had a shower, finished packing and then went straight to work without any sleep. Funnily enough, those that left early to get some sleep actually felt (and some looked) worse than I did! Thankfully, I’m not a big drinker so was sober (enough) when I started work and it turns out red bull really does give you wings – or it at least stopped me from completely crashing!

When I finally got home home, after a long drive from London (don’t worry I wasn’t the one driving) and saying hello to the family, I managed to have a quick hour’s nap before dinner. The first proper sleep I’d had since 8:30 am the previous day! But the day didn’t end there…I then met my friendship group from school at the pub! It was a very surreal feeling, walking into the pub we always used to meet at and seeing the people that I used to see almost everyday for 7 years - after not having seen them for 4 months. After having a few drinks with them, I finally got home around 11 pm and went straight to sleep.

But, I didn’t even get a lie in the next morning as I had a hospital appointment! Despite having a cough and hoarse voice at the minute, my lung function still at around 80% - which is good for people with CF – so my lungs/health haven’t taken too much of a battering out in Austria (thank god). However, as I’m going away for another 5 months soon, the hospital wants to do two weeks of IVs to give my health a boost. This puts a slight hole in some of my plans but equally wasn’t unexpected, just unwelcome. Thankfully, as they’re not urgent I can have them after Easter, which means I can still yacht race over Easter! So all in all, it’s not the end of the world!