Summer season bound!

Time for another adventure! I’m currently sat on a plane to Greece to do a summer season, where I’ll be teaching sailing for 5 months!

Packing was a bit of a nightmare. I had one hold bag booked with my flight anyway, so to start with I was trying to squish everything into one hold bag and one hand luggage. I tried taking away things that weren’t essential, for example, I’ve not packed makeup as I very rarely wear it (I didn’t wear it once when I was in Austria). But, it’s safe to say that packing method failed miserably considering my 100L suitcase has 75L, approximately 20kg, worth of medication in it! Therefore, I decided to bite the bullet and book another hold bag. So now I have one 60L bag with all my clothes and shoes in and my bigger 100L suitcase is full of drugs and toiletries. Therefore, if I didn’t have CF, I would have been fine and could have fit everything into one suitcase that would have been around 3kg under the limit! But c’est la vie!

I had a slight drama at the airport this morning checking in my bags, as one of my bags was a few kilos overweight and the other was around 6kg underweight. Usually, they are quite good at letting you leave them as they are; however, they wanted me to pack some stuff from my big bag into my smaller one, which was never going to work! I have ended up having to carry my camera to even out the weight. The fact they wouldn’t let me leave the bags as they were, surprisingly really got to me. I became very frustrated, as it isn’t really my fault one bag is overweight. There was nothing in that bag I couldn’t not take, as it is pretty much all medication. As I said earlier if I didn’t have CF then I wouldn’t have needed the extra bag! Whilst I went to reorganise my bags, my mum had a slight word with the check-in desk lady on how she thought it was discriminatory to not let people with a disability some lee-way, considering they don’t have a choice but to take all their medication. But all worked out in the end and both bags have been checked-in.  

The only thing I am slightly worried about is that, as I will be working on one of the small Greek islands, we are flying to Athens and then getting a connecting flight to the island. Therefore, I am praying that neither of my bags (but I’m especially worried about my ‘drug bag’) get lost and don’t make the connecting flight. Fingers crossed it will all go swimmingly (I’m getting the sea puns in there early)! Thankfully, one of the guys that worked bar for the hotel in Austria is also coming to the same place in Greece. So, at least I already know one person and he knows about my CF, so I can have a breakdown to him if my bags don’t make it and I won’t just seem like a crazy person…any more than I already do at least!

However, coming home should be a doddle. I won’t have much medication, I haven’t had new summer clothes in around 2 years so have decided to take all my summer clothes with me and just throw them away when I’m out there, as they will get battered and bleached by the sun and salt water; finally, I will try to use up all my toiletries so I don’t have to bring them home either.

Touch wood, the transfer works and my bags are sent to the right place. But I’m looking forward to spending the next while on the beach and on the water!