A tougher than expected first week

I have finally got internet to be able to post my blog!!

I arrived on my tiny Greek island safely and with all my luggage. I was branded weird on the flight for drinking sparkling water and making a potato and bread sandwich with the plane food. We were guided through Athens airport by a very nice small Greek man, who walked us through the airport at the speed of light to make sure we didn’t miss our transfer!

For the past week and a half, we have just been setting up the hotel, ready for when guests arrive this Sunday. We have carried, what feels like a million (but is probably around 35), boats down to the beach, along with all the boxes and racks everything lives in. Things are now starting to look like we’ll actually be ready for when the guests arrive and most of us can’t wait for guests to start arriving. Mainly because we are fed up of start-up and want to get on the water more. We only managed to get on the water for the first time in the past few days, as boats had to be built and powerboats serviced. Thankfully, getting out on the water raised all our spirits and made us excited about guests arriving. We went for a team SUP, which was immense fun and definitely needed!

Despite having really looked forward to my summer season, last week I did have a slight melt down and even considered whether I actually wanted to be here or not. Before I came out, I had a picture of what it was going to be like and what sort of people I’d working with etc, based off family/friends’ stories about their summer seasons. However, when I got here around 75% of what I was expecting wasn’t reality. This was a complete shock and basically sent my brain into overload and melt down. Thankfully, now I am enjoying it more and hope that it will just get better and more fun for here onward!

I think this has taught me that it’s fine to have an imagine of what you want something to be like but you can’t bank everything on this image. If it then turns out to be completely different then you don’t know what to do, think or feel. Which is what I’m working through at the minute!

Things can only go up from here and at the end of the day at the very least, I’m getting a kick ass tan and my hair is going super blonde!