37 days in...

It’s crazy to think that we’ve been here just over a month and I only have around three months left!

The past week or so has been pretty fun but definitely not super chilled! One of my friends from back home came out with some of his friends, which was good fun. It was nice to see a familiar face and have someone I could vent to in person without any repercussions. Plus, my mum and step-dad sent 1.5kg worth of Jaffa cakes out with him…all of which I have now eaten! He and his friends came out into town in the evenings, with the staff, a couple of times which definitely proved entertaining! On their last evening we ended up staying out so late that a couple of us decided to walk to the top of the castle in town to watch the sunrise; which meant we then got back when the staff working transfer were getting up to go to work around 7 am!

This week is looking super busy for the waterfront, as all the guests this week seem to want to windsurf or sail. Thankfully another Senior Instructor came out the other week and is the same position as me, which means that we can bounce off each other and run ideas past one another if we’re not sure or need some reassurance – especially when running the beach. We’re also due to get more staff in a week or so for peak season, which should hopefully reduce work/stress load on everyone. Plus, my mum and step-dad come out in a couple weeks, which I am super excited for!

Although working on waterfront means we get the best tan and keep in really good shape, it does have its tolls…particularly on your feet! Working on the sand and in the sea all day everyday means your feet get shredded. Mine are literally falling apart! I have lots of cuts on the bottoms of my feet from rocks, shells etc. and up my shins from catching boats, jumping in and out of them and lugging them up the beach. Being in the sun and sea all day also means I am moisturising the most I ever have in my life! I’ve already got through a whole pot of moisturiser and half a tube of after sun. But on the brighter side my hair is starting to go really blonde and my tan lines are getting worse…or better, whichever way you see it!