A super windy week!

The past two weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind. Last week was very up and down, with some really good bits and some not so good things. Some of which are just typical parts of season life. We all live, work and socialise in the same place, which means its hard to get away sometimes or to distinguish when you’re still at work or not. This is especially apparent as we are on an island. Therefore, there isn’t much opportunity to get away from the hotel. The nearest town is a half hour walk away, which is often too much effort to walk for just a couple drinks! Therefore, we all usually end up at the hotel bar, which to an extent is still being at work.. But this all comes as part of the job and seasonaire life!

At the minute most of us have the day off together, so last week we decided to all rent cars and go on a road trip across the island. On the other side of the island is one of the best beaches in Europe for kite-surfing, which is too good of an opportunity to miss! Therefore, the other week we decided we should start to learn to kite-surf. Unfortunately, we didn’t get very far as there wasn’t enough wind, which just means we will have to go back! As we are surrounded by the sea and obviously being part of waterfront, the majority of our days are spend in or on the sea. Therefore, after a not so successful kite-surf we went to another bay and went swimming. We wanted to try to find some rocks to jump off and mess around on, so started swimming around the headland, however swiftly turned back when one of the guys got a sea urchin in his foot! Luckily it wasn’t bad but it definitely put us off rock jumping there.

This week as been one of the best weeks. The guests have, mostly, been lovely and there are actually some proper sailors! Its been a super windy week, one day was so windy we had to close the beach, which meant we were properly able to fix all the broken things. So for now the majority of the boats are working again! One night was so windy, one of the sails on a boat managed to unravel and actually drag the boat across the sand and out to sea! Thankfully, we were able to rescue it and amazingly without any damage to the boat or anyone/anything else. But it was certainly entertaining counting the boats in the morning to realise one had literally sailed away!

I’m hoping this week will be another good week, which I’m certain it will be, as my mum and step-dad are here! Plus we also get a load of new staff ready for peak season.