First few weeks of guests

Sorry for the radio silence, the past couple have weeks have been super busy and a bit hectic. We have now finished two weeks with guests, which has had its ups and downs. Last week I taught a couple of sailing courses, which was actually really fun and the adults on my course definitely kept me entertained! I even ended up playing the hotel’s piano with one of the guys on my course in a couple of the evenings. This week has been slightly more chilled, as it wasn’t school’s half term week but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy or not working hard. I’ve discovered one of the best things about working on waterfront is that as we are always running around, dragging boats around or actually on the water, so we are burning a lot of calories, which means we can eat twice as much food!

I was also promoted after the first week of working here. Therefore, I am now an HOD (head of department), which means my accommodation is slightly nicer and we are allowed to eat guests’ meals. Therefore, I am actually eating pretty well (which is always a concern for people with CF) and don’t have to spend money on extra food – except snacks because I mean everyone needs snacks!

I am starting to get a routine for taking all my medication here as well now, which is good, although it can sometime be an issue with the long working day and if we then go to the bar in the evening. Thankfully, I have now finished my course of antibiotics which were sun sensitive, just in time for the weather to start getting really hot. I find that when on this antibiotic, it doesn’t actually make me burn, as I don’t really burn normally, but it makes my skin look quite red when I’ve been in the sun. Therefore, everyone thinks I have burned, which is super annoying! Unlike a lot of people, I haven’t actually burned since I’ve been here. I have however got some bad tan lines from different shaped tops and my watch!

Things are looking like they’ll stay pretty chilled for the next few weeks as it isn’t peak season yet. Therefore, there may be some more socialising, but nowhere near as much going out and drinking as there was in Austria, which I am glad about to be honest! I prefer more chilled evenings with the odd one out. Living on an island though, as you can imagine, there aren’t many places to actually go out. But there are lots of bays and beaches to discover on days off!

Check out some pictures of island life so far: