Mother and Robert came to visit!

Sorry for the long delay in posting a blog but last week was super busy, as my mum and step-dad came to visit! It was such an exhausting week that one day, after I used their shower to get ready before going out, almost the second I sat down after getting ready I fell asleep! Everyone always says that having family visit you on a season makes you even more tired than normal. I hadn’t really experienced this with my winter as the work wasn’t as full on as here, but anytime I sat down for long enough last week I fell asleep. It was great to see them though and to be able to talk to them about things that I can’t talk to anyone here about.

I previously mentioned a castle in town where I watched the sunrise; I have been up said castle three times but never actually reached the top…until last week! I dragged Mum and Rob to the top of the castle, which has an amazing 360-degree view of the port and town. After such a mission we of course had to trial many of the restaurants and bars. We hopped from castle bar to beach bar and pizza restaurant to cocktail bar! I now know the best places to eat in town and especially where does the best pizza! They also brought me a tonne of snacks and medication. Therefore, I am now fully stocked up on nebulisers and jelly snakes…or at least I was, I have now eaten most of the snacks!

Having them here has made me miss a few things, such as my own room and house back home. But interestingly it has made me especially miss being able to decide what food I eat and when. Here we are cooked for and there aren’t cooking facilities that we can use. Therefore, if we miss dinner then we have to order a take away. Personally, I find missing this especially odd as I’m not a foodie person and I always say that I don’t really like food, I eat because I have to (something I have been meaning to write about for a while and I will get to at some point). But I can’t complain too much about the food we are provided here. I eat enough for the work I’m doing and take supplements for any nutrition/vitamins etc. that I am missing.

I also made a couple great connections last week with guests for future jobs. Many thanks to Mum and Rob for being social and introducing me! Although at quiz night my politics teacher from school would have been very disappointed me…one of the questions was who is the only British PM to have been assassinated. At school she drilled into us that Spencer Perceval was the only British PM to have been murdered, not because we needed it for our exams but because it’s a classic pub quiz question! Therefore, Miss if you’re reading this, I’m very sorry and I will never forget it again!