Abandoned hotels, salt lakes and almost crashing...

I feel like recently I’m always apologising for my blogs being late! This past week has been super stressful and tiring, which I will write and explain about in my next blog. But I’ll keep this one full of all the cool stuff I’ve managed to do.

The other week we had a huge storm. The lightning lit up the whole sky in huge purple, blue and white flashes as well as bolts. It was really weird to have a huge lightning storm with very little thunder. In the UK, the lightning always follows the thunder whereas here there was very little thunder but loads of lightning. It also started pouring with torrential rain, which carved a small river through our beach from where the water runs downs from the hill. At the hotel Wednesday night is always a party night and the majority of the staff are at the bar and on the dance floor. Therefore, like the scene from Mamma Mia we all got soaked through dancing in the rain and amazingly no-one injured themselves! It’s definitely up there with one of my top memories of the season so far.

I also had an amazing day off the week before last. One of the girls who works on the bar and I rented a car and drove around the island getting lost. We found a huge abandoned hotel. It had all been smashed up and was literally falling apart. There was graffiti everywhere, some which was really cool and actual pieces of art. I took my camera with me so will be uploading pictures of it soon, after I’ve had time to sort through and edit them. We then drove through a random field, down a track which definitely wasn’t a road, almost crashed when we drove through a puddle which turned out to be more of a lake, all to end up at the salt flats. In the winter it’s a Salt Lake with flamingos and then in the summer the flamingos migrate (I assume as they’re definitely not there) and the lake becomes a salt flat. It would be the coolest place to drive over in a car or on a quad bike but we didn’t dare risk it. After that we went and found some volcanic rocks which were again down a slightly dodgey off beaten track. Overall, it was an awesome day.

For our day off tomorrow, three of us were going to rent a car again and go exploring, however as it’s now peak season there aren’t any cars available. Therefore, we’re going to explore the town and some close by beaches instead. With only 6 weeks left I’m going to try and make the most of the rest of my days off. Especially when one of my brother’s comes to visit in a couple weeks time!