No WiFi, quitting and windsurfing

The WiFi is finally working again! One problem with living on a remote island is that the WiFi is very temperamental especially at my accommodation. But it’s finally working again after about a week. As I said in my last post the past few weeks were pretty stressful and crazy.

The other Senior Instructor on the beach, one of my closest friends here, quit. This meant whilst we were trying to find a replacement, I was doing his share of work as well as mine. Unfortunately the long working hours, heat and general busyness took its toll on my health and I started coughing. In order to try and get my health back to normal, for a week I didn’t go to the bar, ate dinner early and just tried to sleep straight after work. Although this helped slightly, it wasn’t enough to bring my health back up completely. Therefore, I asked my manager to make reasonable adjustments for my health. For those of you that don’t know, under UK employment law if a company employs someone with a disability, they have to make reasonable adjustments for that disability. For me and my CF, this meant changing my working hours so that I finished early some days and worked a couple half days. Thankfully, that was enough to improve my health, but I have now caught a cough off some of the other staff! Anybody reading this with CF or any other type of disability I would definitely encourage you to read up on reasonable adjustment law. Before coming out here, the hospital gave me some emergency antibiotics in case I caught a cough, which I am now taking. So hopefully my cough will be gone soon!  

My oldest brother and his girlfriend came to visit last week, which was great even if I didn’t feel great. They stayed on the other side of the island at one of the windsurf and kite-surf clubs. Although, we didn’t manage to learn to kite-surf, which I really want to do; I did learn how to use the harness when windsurfing! We had a couple super windy days last week, which meant I also managed to take photos of good windsurfers blasting about. I have a lot of photos to upload to my blog, but need better WiFi to do it! Therefore, as I’m only home in three weeks I will upload them all then.

It’s crazy to think that I have less than three weeks left here, however I am super excited for Uni.