My last week!

Only one more week to go! I have done the majority of stuff for Uni. I’ve ordered my ID card, sorted my accommodation and chosen my optional German modules. I’m super excited for Uni and however nerdy it may sound, I’m super excited to start studying again! Especially with all the crazy politics going on at the minute. I’ve been able to speak a lot more German here than I originally thought I would be. There have been a few guests that were either German or spoke German, so hopefully I won’t have forgotten too much for when I go to uni.

One of guys that works on the bar here, I also worked with on winter. Last week one of our friends we both worked with in Austria came to visit. However, we sat waiting at the bar for him for almost two hours before he showed up, as he shared a taxi with a stranger from the airport, which took him to the port instead of the hotel. He then didn’t know where to go or how to get to the hotel, so we had to send him instructions of how to find a taxi. However, his phone was only on 6%, so we didn’t actually know whether he had found a taxi or not. Thankfully he turned up at the hotel half an hour later with all his stuff. It was a fun few days having him here and he even managed to sail for the first time in ages without breaking anything or crashing!

My last week! I’m super excited to come home next week, see my family and do things I haven’t been able to in a while. Peak season ended last week so hopefully this week will be reasonably chilled. For my day off this week, a few of us are off, so we have rented a car and are going to explore the island. Throughout the season I’ve spent few days off doing nothing, so have managed explored most of the island with various different people. Last week, my roommate and I went to the Neilson resort a few bays over and chilled. I try to spend as little time at the resort as possible on my day off, as we are always there working or socialising at the bar. We’ve been told of some cool places to go, so we’ll see where we actually end up!