The quad bike incident

My last week in Greece! My last week was overall a pretty great week, possibly even one of the best! I’m unsure whether this was because I knew I was leaving or because everyone was more chilled as it was no longer peak season. Either way there were some super fun guests…that may have made me drink a little too much some nights!

My last day off was probably one of the most memorable but definitely one of the most eventful. Three of the girls and I decide to rent a car and go on adventures around the island. Two of the boys also had the same day off but couldn’t hire a car, so hired a quad bike instead. Despite only being able to go half the speed of the car and rocks flying up from the road and hitting them in the face, they managed to keep up reasonably well with our last-minute changes of location. Two of my favourite girls and I started the day as had become tradition when we had a day off together…with crepes and coffee for breakfast at a café in town. Although white chocolate crepes may not be the average breakfast, they certainly helped in our adventure planning! After picking up the rest of our day off crew, we headed for a beach café on the other side of the island. We caught up with the guys on the quad bike, who missed the turning despite a very clear signal from Lucy that we were going down that road.

We made it to the café after switching passengers and driving off without them, only to find they weren’t serving food yet. Only in Greece do they not serve lunch at 2pm! It was a really cute secluded spot, where it turns out you can surf. If only we’d found it earlier in the season! After admiring the view with a drink for a bit, we decided it was time to actually find some food. We drove to a town down the road and found a restaurant for lunch. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more British…we ordered a weird combination of chips, bread and feta cheese between us, only after establishing that the salad had cabbage in not lettuce – to Lucy’s bewilderment. Then when it came to paying, we annoyed a (I’m sure lovely) waitress with attempting to split the bill, until it became too complicated and Amy became fed up so just paid for everything.

Lucy then had to be dropped back at the hotel for work, at which point we lost the boys, so the 3 of us left went to find the sand dunes…quite unsuccessfully! We found some cool volcanic rocks, which turned out to be 10 minutes away from the sand dunes, however unfortunately we had to drop Connie back at the hotel for a meeting. Only to arrive at the hotel to find out they had the meeting early, so we could have actually gone to the sand dunes before she had work. In a rage we headed to the beach bar for a beer and to work out where to go to watch the sunset. The boys told us they were at the Salt Lake, so we decided to meet them and then planned to drive further up to an abandoned army base for the sunset…however we never made it that far.

When we got tot he Salt Lake, we drove the quad bike around on the (dried-out) Salt Lake – which we definitely weren’t meant to do with a rental quad. All was going well and a great laugh until one of the guys decided to drive it a bit too far onto the Salt Lake and got the quad stuck. Whilst they pushed the bike out the sludge, Amy and I stood there helpfully documenting the event, as we couldn’t get in the rental car with our shoes/feet all muddy - or at least that was our excuse. Plus they got themselves into that mess, therefore they could get themselves out of it! After about 20 minutes of pushing the bike out of the sludge they finally made it onto the hard ground, only to find that it wouldn’t start…It was at this point we thought it best to call the rental company but conveniently not mention how it got stuck and had been razzed around on the Salt Lake. We (when I say we I mean the boys) pushed the bike back to the main road – Amy and I helpfully sat in the car lighting the way. After 2 hours the rental man rocked up with many questions about why there was mud on the wheels etc. to which Max just played the fool, convincing the man the mud was from the road and dirt tracks. Thankfully he started the bike and we drove back to the main town, dropped the quad at the rental place, told the boys to get in our car and drove off. We decided it was definitely time for pizza by then! It is probably one of my most memorable days of this year overall.