My Summer Season run down!

After a long 5 months away, I’m now back in the UK for good…for now at least! My summer season has definitely had more ups and downs than my winter and despite on multiple occasions thinking I wouldn’t make it to the end of the season, I made it! And I’m so glad I did. So, here’s the run down of my summer season!

I learnt a lot about Greece whilst there. The top three things being:

-        The majority of Greek loos don’t have locks on. In all but one restaurant toilet I went to, none of them had locks!

-        Greeks also don’t mount their shower head on the wall, apparently, they just hold it. Thankfully, I managed to find a stick-on shower wall mount, which was way better and stopped you from getting arm ache.

-        Finally, especially on an island, rules of the road don’t apply. You can drive in the middle, overtake at any point and roundabouts are weird! On their roundabouts, the few that they had, you have to let people out onto the roundabout even if you’re already going around on it.

To my amazement I wasn’t actually eaten alive my mosquitoes. My family and I have this theory that because of my CF, mosquitoes love me because I taste salty. For those of you that don’t know, a side effect if you will of CF, is that we don’t retain salt properly and it leaks out in our sweat. Therefore, generally I eat a lot of salt (which people always notice and it always becomes a running joke) and I also take salt tablets. However, at the start I was bitten a lot but only for the first couple of weeks. On a CF related note, I received a fair amount of strange advice from guests if they found out I had CF. One lady recommended for me to see a homeopath and another suggested I could cure myself just like a man had done with his asthma. Now I’m not knocking these methods and if that’s what you’re into then go for it! But CF isn’t quite the same as asthma and personally I ‘cure’ myself or rather help improve/maintain my health through sport.

I’ve come away from the season with a minimal amount of injuries, unlike some people! My worst injury was when one of the guys tried to sever my foot off with a boat trolley! He didn’t mean to but it definitely hurt and the hotel manager even tried to take me to hospital. To his bewilderment, I refused. I told him it was only a small cut, despite it being a solid 2 inches long, almost an inch wide and took 5 weeks to heal. I have a fair few scars now from guests dropping rudders and dagger boards on my shins but my most memorable scar is on my shoulder…Last week we did a photo rally, where we were in a group and had to run around the resort and town taking photos with various different things. When we were in the port, I was set the task of finding the biggest boat to take a picture with. As I was running down the port, the sole of my sandal came unstuck and when I went to run over a small speed bump type thing, the detached sole of my sandal caught on the speed bump, causing me to fall face or rather shoulder first onto the tarmac. But it was all worth it as we won!

I met some great people, a lot of which I will probably see again as they live near to where I’m going to Uni or because they sail/windsurf. One person I couldn’t have survived my summer without was my roommate. She’s one of those rare friends that you know you’ll be friends with forever (or at least I hope so). We were given many nicknames over the summer and there were many a rumour of us being a couple...just to confirm we weren’t, she has a boyfriend! If we were at the bar together with a drink or towards the end of the season, a bottle of wine or prosecco then you knew we were going out, even if Amy tried to say otherwise. If she weren’t there then I probably would have actually quit my season and not stuck it out.

One thing I find particularly interesting and amusing with season life (as was true with winter as well), is that there are a lot of rumours and things generally don’t stay quiet. As I am a very private person and don’t like everyone knowing everything about me, I found this particularly entertaining. I never confirmed or denied rumours, which meant the stories became more and more elaborate. Personally, I found this very amusing and loved hearing the stories of the alleged things I’d done. The vast majority of people still don’t know the real stories behind the rumours and now they never will!

Overall, I’m glad my summer went they way it did and that I decided to grit my teeth and stick it out, unlike some people. However, unfortunately I didn’t come home with a future husband or with many/if any prospects, unlike my winter season!