From Greece to England to Scotland, back to England

After a jam-packed year out, full of adventures, highs, lows, getting into mischief and ‘finding myself’, I have now moved to University! 

In my short two weeks back home, I had a huge clear out of all my belongings, throwing out two big bin bags of stuff and giving three to charity. In Greece I threw a lot of my clothes away, as they were just battered and worn, plus that meant I had more space in my suitcase. It also means when it comes to summer, I can effectively get a whole new wardrobe! I also finished all the admin stuff for Uni, which I will do a post about in the near future, as I had to do various things to get allowances for my Cystic Fibrosis and Dyslexia. My sister and I also got our ears pierced! We decided to secretly get my cartilage pierced and her second lobe piercings done. I say secretly because our mother has always been slightly anti us getting anymore piercings, however she says she actually likes them! Although it did take her, our stepdad and my soon to be brother in law a day or so to notice! My sister and I also made a logo for my website/blog!

Apart from packing and sorting everything out for Uni, I also made a small trip up to Scotland to do a bit of yachting! We were sailing with a Magenta project training day on the Saturday and then a few boats stayed until the Sunday to race. Despite the horrendous weather on the Sunday and getting absolutely soaked through, the pub afterwards made up for it! 

After a busy couple of weeks back home, let alone a busy year out, I have now moved to Uni! This week has been super chilled and it’s weird not having anything I need to do during the day. My flatmates are great, we’ve been out every night and are making sure we do freshers properly. However, freshers’ flu is real! My nurses and doctors warned me about Uni and freshers’ week before I came down here and I’m making sure I follow their advice. They said that a lot of people with CF go to Uni and then when they next see them, they have lost weight and are ill. I’m not going to have made through my gap year without any serious illness just to get to Uni and get ill. Therefore, I’m doing all my drugs but especially my physio and making sure I do some form of exercise! 

 With lectures, societies and socials actually starting next week, Uni can only get better from here!